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Katarzyna Richter

ex-cabin crew and inflight recruiter, founder and CEO of dealwithculture.com

My name is Katarzyna Richter and I have successfully completed a path from Cabin Crew to CEO. I have worked as a cabin crew for Emirates, Etihad and Gulf Air and as an in-flight recruitment officer for Qatar Airways.

I have made nearly 10 relocation moves in my life, lived and worked in six foreign countries and, most importantly, created a life on my own terms.


I manage my own company called dealwithculture.com. I help international companies in talent acquisition, last year I recruited over 500 staff members. I support young entrepreneurs by helping them develop a global mindset and build a strong personal brand. 

I am also a bodywork practitioner and yoga instructor. 

I still travel, deliver training sessions and keynote speeches internationally, appear on TV news programs and proudly create my own roster that I love. 

Let me assist you in your own career transition and show you how to create a lifestyle you truly want.





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Explore your potential and take first step towards your dream life and career in 3 days.

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