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Hideaway to Revive Your Spirit 

Single, Stressed& Seeking Balance?

A soul awakening 5‑day retreat  inviting you to connect deeply with your future self and to find future partner

Pause, Inspiration, Clarity

This transformative journey is designed to replenish your energy and inspire lasting changes, guiding you toward a life of purpose, clarity, and fulfilment, even if you feel completely hopeless and overwhelmed right now.

Join us to unlock the power within and step confidently into the future you desire.

In this transformative retreat, you’ll engage in four insightful workshops led by fulfilled, entrepreneurial women with a deep understanding of business and personal growth. You’ll dive into the realms of financial health, the art of personal appeal, boosting your personal energy, and fostering a mindset of prosperity. Each session promises to turn insights into tangible steps toward your success. Surrounded by inspiring peers, you’ll exchange valuable experiences, energized by a shared enthusiasm. 

In the evenings, after a day filled with discoveries, immerse yourself in the relaxing sounds of hangpan  and gongs, enhancing the atmosphere of peace and harmony. During sound concerts, surrounded by soothing sound vibrations, you’ll notice a significant decrease in stress levels while your mind finds tranquility and clarity. This deep relaxation opens up space for creative thinking, allowing you to formulate new, bold visions, plans, and strategies for the future.

This retreat offers a peaceful respite for individuals from bustling cities, creating a space where authenticity shines and connections deepen in a cozy, exclusive group. With a focus on a small, intimate setting, it stands apart from larger, more impersonal retreats, ensuring personal attention and a nurturing environment. It’s an ideal escape for those seeking to balance the demands of city life with the need for personal reflection and growth, surrounded by the natural tranquility of Cyprus.

You will also learn how to attract the partner of your dreams, master the art of crafting nutritious juice recipes for enhanced wellbeing, and discover strategies for taking meaningful time off to gain a fresh perspective on life’s challenges.


The Future Self Journey doesn’t finish when the retreat does. You’ll continue to receive tailored support to ensure a smooth transition back home, including individual sessions with Kasia Richter and Marta Tracz. Kasia will work with you to uncover and transform limiting beliefs, Marta will assist in establishing your financial goals,  ensuring that the empowerment and insights gained during the retreat are integrated into your everyday life. This ongoing guidance is designed so that you can become the most empowered, fulfilled version of yourself, achieving your biggest dreams with confidence and clarity.

5 reasons you should be here

1. A Chance to Elevate Your Quality of Life! By participating in intimate workshops led by successful entrepreneurial women, you have the opportunity for personal growth and development. You’ll learn stress management techniques, financial acumen, and positive thinking, directly impacting your personal balance and fulfillment.
 2. A Break from the Digital World: Disconnecting from the digital world during the trip allows you to focus on your own needs and gain a new perspective. We prioritize being offline, fostering genuine, deeper relationships with fellow participants and concentrating on your inner development, leading to increased life satisfaction.
3. Enhanced Mental Well-being: You’ll acquire techniques to sharpen your intuition, conquer fears and uncertainties, and enhance self-acceptance, translating into increased personal strength, greater confidence and fulfillment.

 4. Health and Serenity: Engage in daily yoga sessions to                   nurture your body and mind, enhancing flexibility, physical               and mental fitness, and inner peace.

 5. A Splendid Location: Just a 4‑hour flight away from                      London, with temperatures never dipping below 24 degrees Celsius. Charming, historic hillside apartments offer breathtaking landscapes. Upon arrival, you’ll immediately feel a sense of relaxation that will last for weeks after your return. 


The Location

Tochni, a picturesque village in Cyprus, enchants with its traditional charm and serene beauty. Located just 30 km from Larnaca Airport, surrounded by hills and Mediterranean flora, it is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The distinctive Cypriot architecture, with houses adorned with lush bougainvillea and narrow streets, creates an unforgettable ambiance. In Tochni, you can discover charming taverns where local specialties and Cypriot hospitality allow you to experience the authentic atmosphere of the island. It’s a place where tradition seamlessly blends with modernity, offering a unique “slow tourism” experience in the heart of Cyprus.

What is included in your retreat experience:

What is not included?

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Our team of experts will guide you on the  Path to Love Retreat, providing a completely unique and truly holistic well-being experience.

Marta Tracz- retreat leader

Entrepreneur and investor with a passion for blockchain technology.

Marta is a certified finance specialist who acquired her expertise through studies at one of the London universities and by managing an accounting office for the Polish community in West London in the past. She has been running her businesses for over 20 years, and her passion lies in diversifying her investment portfolio. Her love for healthy food led her to establish another company that produces cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices.

Marta will lead knowledge-rich workshops in the field of finance because well-managed finances are essential for the health of our mind, body, and soul.

Furthermore, she is working on the PZP Program, which stands for Proper Money Management. This program will offer a wealth of theories, methods, and tools necessary on the path to financial freedom. The program is available as part of the Women’s Investment Academy, created by Marta to share her expert knowledge and over 20 years of entrepreneurial and over 15 years of investment experience.

For the past 4 years, Marta has also been involved in geographical diversification of her investment portfolio, focusing on real estate markets in Cyprus, Dubai, Georgia, and Spain, offering both primary and secondary market properties.

CONTACT: +357 97 760435


Kasia Richter – retreat leader

Psychologist, Wellbeing Strategist, Theta Healing Practitioner

Kasia is a psychologist and the founder of Wellbeing Strategist, a consultancy in London. She specializes in helping busy businesswomen reduce stress and burnout, enabling them to lead fulfilling professional and personal lives. With over a decade of experience in operational roles at premium brands, Kasia’s international background, combined with her yoga practice, equips her to understand the needs of entrepreneurs. She authored “Balanced in Business: How to Prevent Burnout.” Kasia leads daily yoga sessions, stress reduction techniques, partner yoga, and sound bath relaxation sessions, along with the Love Lab workshop.

CONTACT: +44 787 9474913


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