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Why Settle for Stress When Wellbeing is Just a Click Away?

In today’s relentless pace, it’s not just about managing stress; it’s about transforming it. Introducing the Urban Retreat – a meticulously curated experience right in the heart of the city, designed specifically for the high-achiever like you. You’re not just surviving the grind; you’re redefining it.

Health & Wealth Urban Retreat has been created as the definitive sanctuary with the London’s hardworking professionals in mind. Our retreat is a testament to the fusion of relaxation art and scientific innovation, adopting proven methods like gong meditation to dissolve stress and boost well-being. Citing ‘Healthcare’ 2021, our specialized vibroacoustic sessions are shown to significantly raise nitric oxide levels, enhancing blood circulation and mental acuity, all without pharmaceuticals. Additionally, a 2016 Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine study supports our sound therapy’s effectiveness in significantly reducing stress indicators. Strategically situated in London’s dynamic core, we offer an accessible refuge, a transformative reprieve for modern professionals seeking to recalibrate in the city’s pulse.

Bartel, L.; Mosabbir, A. (2021). Possible Mechanisms for the Effects of Sound Vibration on Human Health. Healthcare, 9(5), 597. https://doi.org/10.3390/healthcare9050597

What Makes Urban Retreat Unmissable?

Transforming Stress into Strength and Prosperity

Embark on a transformative journey at our Urban Retreat, meticulously designed to address the specific challenges faced by today’s professionals: back pain, tension, stress, insomnia, brain fog, worries, anxiety, burnout, and a persistent lack of energy. This retreat is more than an escape — it’s a comprehensive pathway to holistic well-being and financial prosperity, tailored to provide relief and solutions to the issues undermining your quality of life and work.

  • Targeted Stress Relief & Mental Clarity: Our program employs yoga, sound healing, and meditation, scientifically validated to diminish stress hormones, combat brain fog, and promote restful sleep. Experience a profound sense of mental clarity and relief from anxiety, preparing you for each day with renewed focus and vitality.

  • Financial Empowerment: Learn hypnotherapy techniques tailored for wealth manifestation, directly tackling the stress and limiting beliefs that financial worries and burnout bring. Gain strategic business insights from the Akashic Records, empowering you to make decisions that foster prosperity without sacrificing your well-being.

  • Holistic Approach to Overcoming Burnout & Energy Renewal: Discover natural, sustainable modalities that not only enhance your life quality beyond traditional methods but also specifically address burnout and energy depletion. Reinvigorate your daily life with practices that bring joy and vitality, reducing reliance on medication.

Goals of the Retreat

Holistic Wellbeing
Networking & Collaboration
Healthy Lifestyle
Personal Empowerment
Professional Insight
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Urban Retreat London program
Urban Retreat London yoga with Kasia
Urban Retreat London Dominic Knight the mindset architect


Urban Retreat London Marina Beech

Marina Beech

Marina is the ‘New Earth’ leaders and entrepreneurs secret weapon supporting them behind the scenes, as they remove Karmic energy beliefs and conditioning that hold them back from the big bold results that they are destined to achieve – if only they knew it. A Soul Alchemist Spiritual Intuitive, Channel, Teacher and Author with over 30 years of experience and over 3000 happy clients, Marina shortens the path to their ultimate destination by revealing the patterns that hold them back, creating energetic, spiritual and mindset breakthroughs not available to them through other coaches and methods. Not only that she also trains and enables them to do this for themselves and for their own clients by certifying them in her Akashic Records method, its her mission to equip more leaders with these ancestral skills that serve humanity. “Behind the scenes, they work as Soul Alchemists, removing karmic energy beliefs and conditioning that hinder their progress toward the big, bold results they are destined to achieve — if only they knew it.

Urban Retreat London Lazo Freeman

Sheian Alegria

Sheian Alegria, is an wellbeing entrepreneur, writer, a budding filmmaker, musician, yogi, athlete, artist and some time will shares shamanic ways of living in accordance to nature, various ancient lineages with much respect for their sacred works.
Sheian has been on the transformational path for over 20 years. He started as a body transformation coach in the early 2000s, working with CEOs, billionaires and celebrities, as well has trained 200 trainers, winning best innovation by the UK government. 
8 years ago he had a crazy out of this world spiritual awakening, and decided to quit everything and study with various masters, yogis, teachers and indigenous elders across the globe. Now he has moved back to London, working with people who are committed to change on the path of connecting to their soul calling, consciousness and bringing large empowering and entertaining events to the world. 
The biggest Joy he receives is seeing people blossom to who they really are. 
Urban Retreat London Dominic Knight

Dominic Knight

Dominic Knight, The Mindset Architect, stands as a paramount figure among the world’s most sought-after transformational experts. In the realm of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and clinical hypnotherapy, Dominic’s mastery is unrivalled, as his extensive expertise is deeply rooted in optimising human performance. With an impressive career spanning 17 years in the heart of London’s Harley Street, and a prestigious track record of conducting private seminars for industry giants like Google Campus, The Royal College of Surgeons, and IBM, Knight’s results-oriented approach is undeniable.

As Dominic Knight directs the journey, the art of guided visualisation takes on a transformative dimension. His goal is to engineer enduring, life-altering shifts that transcend the mere fleeting motivation for the attendees. Through the power of strategic language, he systematically dismantles the barriers that may be constraining your potential, propelling you towards the embodiment of the archetypal Game-Changer and Master of Money. Knight doesn’t just empower the audience; he equips them with the keys to unlock their fullest potential and shatter boundaries.


Say goodbye to stress and say hello to wellness. THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY OF REJUVENATION AND SUCCESS.


Join us at Colet House for a one-day retreat, where historical charm meets modern serenity. This renowned venue, pulsating with creative energy, is London’s artistic jewel, having hosted legends like Sir Frank Brangwyn and Sir Edward Burne-Jones. Immerse yourself in an environment that balances stimulating and peaceful vibes, ideal for practices like yoga, meditation, and innovative stress-reduction. More than just a space, Colet House is a sanctuary for profound experiences like Sufi whirling, offering a deeper connection to consciousness. With its rich heritage and modern touch, this retreat is set to be a transformative journey towards health, prosperity, and enlightenment.

151 Talgarth Rd, London W14 9DA


Wiola Diamondheart

Kundalini Yoga Master Teacher, Creator of the global movement Rise & Shine for daily morning yoga and meditation practices

An enthusiast and creator of journeys to places of power such as Egypt, Bali, India, Zanzibar and the magical unearthly Socotra, as well as all-night journeys in gong vibrations. She leads the Diamondheart Academy. Academically trained as a food technologist and psychotherapist. Privately, a mother of 2 children. Lives in London.

+44 795 638 4160

Kasia Richter

Psychologist, yoga teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner

Founder of the consulting firm, Wellbeing Strategist based in London, specializing in enhancing mental well-being.
She assists clients in improving their quality of life through stress reduction, burnout prevention, and belief transformation.

She has extensive experience as a yoga practitioner, as well as a Theta Healing practitioner. She is the author of the book “Burnout
Recovery Guide For Female Entrepreneurs”.
In addition to individual consultations, she conducts retreats in England, Poland, Portugal, and Cyprus.

+44 787 947 4913

Ticket Types


  • Full access to the entire event, including all workshops.
  • Yoga mat provided for all sessions.
  • Entrance to the Wellbeing Expo Zone, showcasing the latest in wellness products and services.


  • All the benefits of the Regular ticket.
  • Upgraded, extra comfortable yoga mat, including a bolster for enhanced support during sessions.
  • Exclusive welcome gift pack, curated with wellness in mind.
  • Reserved front row seats in all workshops for an unparalleled experience.
  • Two exclusive 50% discount vouchers : one for individual Kundalini Mastery sessions with Wiola Diamond Heart, and another for one-on-one Belief Transformation sessions with Kasia Richter.



  • Includes all Regular ticket benefits for a group of 10.
  • Simplify planning for companies, teams, or friends with a single purchase.
  • Ensure your group enjoys a transformative experience together, fostering team bonding and shared growth.

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