What drives your wealth and happiness? Learn more about wellbeing

From this article you will learn:

  • what is wellbeing 
  • how to recognize wellbeing
  • what creates wellbeing for high achievers
  • how wellbeing contributes to work and life of busy leaders? 

  • what is your level of wellbeing (quiz)

 What is wellbeing ?


When we ask about someone’s Well-Beingwhat do we really mean?

Is it merely the absence of disease?

Does it mean just being physically healthy?


Not really, wellbeing is a more wholesome experience.


As per mentalhealth.org.uk: Well-being is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.” However, it is important to realize that well-being is a much broader concept than moment-to-moment happiness. While it does include happiness, it also includes other things, such as 

- how satisfied people are with their life as a whole

- their sense of purpose, and 

- do they feel in control of their lives.


People with a high level of Well-Being are naturally attractive and have an irresistible charisma. They walk into a room and everyone notices them. 

What are some of the characteristics of Leaders who are display high level of wellbeing?


5 main indicators of Well-Being


Physical Vitality and Stamina

This is one of the first indicators of well-being – a physically healthy body. To attain this the leader takes care to have balanced meals, proper hydration, optimal physical exercise, and proper sleep. Physical vitality creates a magnetism around them and people naturally feel like aligning and agreeing with these leaders. 

Mental Wellbeing

Leadership positions come with a plethora of challenges. A leader with a high level of well-being is able to not just perform optimally but also thrive in a hostile and aggressive environment. They have a high level of inner energy resources from which they draw power without needing to depend upon external support. They are resilient, mentally strong, and self-confident. 

Sense of Purpose

There’s a strong sense of purpose and that’s the key factor that drives them. They are self-motivated and know what they want. Due to this, there’s also a lot of satisfaction from achieving what they set out to do. They are never in doubt of their core values. This sense of clarity helps with quick decision-making ability guided by instinct rather than reasoning.

Financial Management

Financial well-being provides a sense of security and control over the physical environment. It allows them the freedom to make choices to enjoy life the way they like. They can provide a prosperous living experience for themselves and their family. They make aware choices in investments and future planning. 

Social Connections

Natural leaders can build strong and authentic social connections. People love being around them and they forge a sense of loyalty, trust, and respect. They are good listeners and able to engage with others and make them feel being heard. 

Having an optimal level of Well-Being is imperative for people in Leadership positions.


This is how Well-Being contributes to a leader’s work and personal life:


They have a clear sense of purpose 

They are committed and focused on their goals and objectives. Nothing can distract them from their focus.

They are effective leaders

They know how to break through limitations and gain the skills to persuade, inspire and connect with others.

They are healthy and fit

They have more energy and vitality and are self-motivated. Unlike most people, their energy levels don’t dip at the end of a workday.

They are ready to meet challenges

Change is constant, fit leaders are always prepared to handle unexpected challenges with courage and confidence. 

There’s a high degree of passion in everything they do

They are self-motivated and wake up ignited to fulfill their goals every day. 

Their social connections are extraordinary

They naturally like to engage and connect with people and are good at creating life-long connections. 

They are high-achievers

All these qualities help them make the right decisions, calculated risks, and they are able to grow their business exponentially.


Here’s a quiz to figure out the level of your Well-Being:


I know how to create my happiness. Yes/ No

I know my happiness is in my control, it is not dependent on external factors. Yes/No

I have a good work-life balance. Yes/No

I know how to manage stress. Yes/No

I generally feel good about myself. Yes/No

I think positively. Yes/No

I am optimistic. Yes/No

My optimism is infectious. Yes/No

I know how to stay calm during a challenging situation. Yes/No

I can stay mindful often. Yes/No

I know what matters most to me.

I voluntarily engage in behaviors to benefit others. Yes/No

I have meaningful relationships with others. Yes/No

Eating healthy food to nourish my body is a priority for me. Yes/No

I surround myself with people and things with positive vibes. Yes/No

I am joyful. Yes/No

I know how to manage my emotions. Yes/No

I consciously create ways to increase my happiness. Yes/No

I feel optimistic about the future. Yes/No

I know I can count upon myself no matter what.Yes/No

I feel relaxed. Yes/No

I’m interested in other people. Yes/No

I have plenty of energy. Yes/No

I am satisfied with my life. Yes/No

I have practical plans for improving my life further. Yes/No 

I have genuine one-to-one connections with other people that I count upon. Yes/No

I’m committed to giving back to society. Yes/No


How did it feel to go through those questions?

What kind of answers did you get?

Were there more Yes answers or No answers?


More Yes answers indicate a higher level of well-being. 


It’s time to take stock of your Well-Being score. When you have a high score, you are able to unlock and unleash the natural power inside you – this helps you to create the quality of life and business that you desire and deserve – no matter what’s going on in the outside world.



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