About me

I’m Kasia Richter. 

I am a cross-cultural psychologist and well-being consultant.

I design well-being strategies for driven female entrepreneurs and professionals so that they can achieve their ambitious personal and business goals in a balanced way without experiencing burnout.

My story

I have always been passionate about people, travel and world exploration, so I’ve spent many years in aviation, working for top leaders of this industry in the Middle East such as Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways.

My ambition led me from the position of a cabin crew to a recruiter and operations director at top national airlines. I had a successful career that was thriving thanks to my high standards, perfectionism and over-achieving tendencies.

I had lots of inner drive to over-deliver, please my bosses and clients, which depleted my energy and resulted in me losing my sense of self. I have experienced burnout due to long-term stress and didn’t have any support to handle it.

Despite being a certified yoga teacher, a long-time yoga practitioner, and a psychologist I couldn’t implement the tools and knowledge I had in order to help myself.

Going for a yoga class felt like a trans-antarctic expedition. Facing never-ending afternoon traffic in a busy capital city, my feet swollen from all day in high heels, being hungry and angry, trying to get to the promised land of a yoga class, while feeling guilty for not completing all the tasks and leaving work before 7 pm.

Something inside of me was stopping me from focusing on my needs, while pushing me to focus on delivering results at work. Today I know that these were negative and limiting beliefs hidden on a subconscious level of my mind: “I am not good enough”, “I need to work harder to prove myself” etc.

A game-changer

I have tried several modalities such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Access Consciousness until finally I found a great breakthrough with Theta Healing. It helped me elevate stress, but more importantly to get to the root of the problem, identify limiting beliefs and transform them on a subconscious level so that the change is real and permanent. It was a real game-changer, a therapy and self-development tool in one! I became so fascinated with the quick results this method delivered that I went through training and became a Theta Healing Practitioner myself. 


Today I know how to let go, how to separate my sense of self-worth from my job, and how to live my life in a balanced and healthy way and I help ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs achieve more inner peace, feel uplifted and mentally stronger, so they can enjoy life and achieve their personal and professional goals in a balanced way.

What can

I help you with
I work collaboratively with female entrepreneurs who are experiencing different stages of burnout, from excitement and inability to detach from their work to states of anxiety and depression. 

How do I work

Individual sessions create space for being witnessed and heard in a non judgemental way, work collaboratively on discovering inner blocks, and their removal resulting in a powerful and lasting transformation of mind, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

My mentoring program “From stressed to uplifted” offers an opportunity for a self-growth and transformation of behavior and deeply rooted thought patterns. During the 6 individual sessions I help my clients create a positive mindset shift, let go of inner blocks and create healthy habits that will ensure their personal fulfillment and success on a personal and professional level. 

My client’s outcomes


My methods

I use the science-based methods and tools from psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics, and yoga to help my clients achieve the best results.

Let’s talk

If you have a project in mind you’d like to tap my experience and the ability for, get in touch via email kr@wellbeingstrategist.com

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