No matter how successful you are, limiting beliefs will disable you from enjoying your achievements,or even sabotage the big results you’re looking for.


Does this sound familiar?

These are examples of very common limiting beliefs.
A self-limiting belief is an invisible handicap, which holds you back and affects every area of your life. No matter how successful you are, limiting beliefs will disable you from enjoying your achievements, experiencing satisfaction or even sabotage the big results you’re looking for such as starting new project, making a public speech, negotiating with authorities, employing right people etc.


An individual session with me changes all that.

I am using simple, yet powerful techniques for finding out the root cause of how you feel and releasing limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
Thanks to which you are moving forward into new, exciting possibilities.

Change brings opportunity.

Let’s explore together how to make the best of it.

The Magic of Theta Healing

ThetaHealing® is a dynamic therapy using THETA Brainwaves Frequency,

Talk Therapy & Epigenetics to clear blocks and negative beliefs and expand your wellbeing.

See the recent case study:

Mariam was a passionate artist and graphic designer. 

In spite of loving her work, she had difficulty attracting clients and abundance, which led to anxiety attacks.

As we found during our session, she was operating from a belief: ” I will starve if I am an artist” and ” I can’t eat from art”.

We were able to release this negative attitude and replace it with a positive one, which enabled her to communicate her offer confidently and gain better sales skills and get in front of new clients.*

Individual results may vary. The information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical treatment.


We are not equipped to diagnose and change our beliefs.That’s where the Wellbeing Strategist comes in.


Changing limiting beliefs

If you struggle with anything or want to make positive changes in your life, you owe it to yourself and others to explore what’s going on at the subconscious level of your being.Do you feel like there’s more to life than just showing up to work, going home and doing the same thing over and over?You’re not alone. It’s time to understand the subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back.Your subconscious mind can be transformed with Theta Healing®.
Imagine combination of talk therapy and deep relaxation or meditation.During our session you can get in touch with your emotions and address those subconscious limiting beliefs that are causing you grief and stress every single day.Let’s get you unstuck, uplifted and empowered. Plan your next healing session. 

Hi, I am Kasia Richter

I am a Cross-cultural psychologist, well-being consultant, and founder & CEO of www.wellbeingstrategist.com

I have experienced burnout due to long-term stress while working in a corporate world in highly demanding roles. Despite being a certified yoga teacher, a long-time yoga practitioner, and a psychologist I couldn’t implement the tools and knowledge I had to help myself. Something inside was stopping me from focusing on me and my needs, pushing me to focus on delivering results at work. Today I know, that the were negative and limiting beliefs: ” I am not good enough”, ” I am not deserving this, so I need to prove with my super-hard work that I am worthy of trust, money, etc”.

I’ve learned how to get to the root of the problem, identify a limiting belief and change it on a subconscious level so that the change is real and permanent.

Today I know how to let go, how to separate my sense of self-worth from my job, and how to live my life in a balanced and healthy way and I help ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs achieve more inner peace, feel uplifted and mentally stronger, so they can enjoy life and achieve their personal and professional goals. 


Wellbeing Expert_Kasia_Richter

Would you like to experience this?


Are you ready to get unstuck and achieve your goals?

Join me for a one-to-one HEALING SESSION!

Reprogram Your Mind for Achieving Success and Wellbeing 

Success Stories

When I decided to have a session of Theta healing with Kasia I did not not what to expect. I have heard about it before but did not have any experience with it.She explained me very well and was absolutely clear and professional. She asked me powerful questions and helped me to solve some fears I had from the past.I was positively surprise about her knowledge and power and I really felt that a big weight lift off my shoulders. I would highly recommend working with Kasia and have a taste of Theta healing with her. It is great! 
Luisa Convers
Business owner
WOW- WHAT TRANSFORMATIVE, LIFE CHANGING HEALING WITH KATARZYNA.I experienced some incredible Theta Healing which transcended me in other dimensions and I got lots of creative downloads and solutions. I am so grateful that Katarzyna guided me in the healing process and unlocked many doors for me. It was a mind blowing experience:-) 
Adriana Delieva
Health& Life Coach
After the session I felt a huge sense of relief. I could actually feel my fear leaving me. Now i know that it’s time for me to pursue my goals and desires. 
Sylwia Borysewicz
I had not heard of Theta Healing before but was very intrigued. One of my main issues is that I never think I’m good enough, that others are better than me, regardless of the situation, but in particular with starting my own reiki practice. I have not experienced anything like the session with Kasia. I went deeper at the beginning than I have ever done before, in such a short space of time, yet was completely aware of what was happening. The session brought to my memory an incident was a was a young girl, something that triggered this feeling of self doubt and lack of worth. Kasia helped me learn and understand what these events meant and changed my perception. I can honestly say that I feel completely different now when I think about starting my practice. I have a fire in my belly, I feel more positive. I still feel that way several days later. I can highly recommend Kasia and Theta Healing. 
Fiona Mackie
I’ve been planning to make some changes to my business and move it to a new level. With changes often doubts and limiting thoughts show up and they can easily sabotage your vision and business. I started to question my future decisions. Instead of taking actions, I felt frustrated with myself.I reach out to Katarzyna and took part in her Theta Healing Session to have further clarity and deal with my insecure thinking. Katarzyna is highly professional and I strongly value her international coaching experience. During the session, she expertly guided me to uncover my limiting beliefs and showed me that I can achieve a new step in my business without overworking myself and being constantly visible online. After the session, I felt that my mind was clearer and I finally felt energized and excited about the future of my business. An idea about a new programme started to take form and I decided to let go of the old marketing techniques that were not serving me anymore.I recommend Katarzyna to everyone who is feeling trapped in their limiting thinking and want to make positive changes in life, career or business. 
Dominika Miernik
DM Coaching

This offer is for you if:



Each session is designed to target one specific belief or an issue.
One session takes 90 min and gives you plenty of room to open up, be heard and witnessed.

Package can be utilised within 3 months

Package Of 3 Individual Sessions

Equivalent of 1 spa visit 🛀

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