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This program is designed for a range of individuals facing the challenge of stress and burnout, including:

  • Executives and business owners who may be outwardly successful but internally grappling with feelings of inadequacy or chronic fatigue.
  • CEOs and today’s managers who are ambitious yet frequently find themselves on the edge of burnout syndrome, questioning their leadership charisma and capabilities.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to transition from simply running a business to becoming a charismatic leader in their field.
  • Ambitious individuals ready for rapid transformation and seeking the freedom to be their true selves without the hindrance of stress and burnout.
  • Open-minded individuals who are ready to take action, invest in their health and well-being, and willing to approach executive wellness from a holistic standpoint.

As an executive, you’re all too aware that the path to business success isn’t solely dictated by external factors. It also hinges on that inner spark, that drive which propels you forward.

But let’s face it: when you’re caught in the grip of chronic fatigue or teetering on the brink of burnout syndrome, mustering that inner fire can seem like an insurmountable task. That’s where our HAPPY CEO Immersion Program comes into play.

Our executive burnout program adopts a comprehensive approach to executive wellness, leadership development, and stress management.

As you retreat from the distractions and pressures that worsen your well-being, this program provides you with valuable skills and strategies to cultivate unshakable trust in your own abilities and improve your daily activities.

By joining, you’re taking a decisive step to ignite your inner flame and achieve the success you’ve been striving for, both in your business and personal life.

What happens when you BECOME a 

Happy Ceo

This is how your life can be if YOU choose to

The quality of your life depends on your energy

Individuals who are more emotionally resilient are less likely to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety, and have better physical health outcomes compared to those with lower levels of resilience. Psychology, Health & Medicine Journal, 2015

What to expect?

Embark on our Executive Burnout Program, an immersive and transformative experience designed to address workplace wellness at its core. Discover rapid transformation in a safe, confidential, and comfortable space where stress management and substance abuse issues are tackled head-on. Overcome burnout, regain your energy, and achieve holistic well-being. Book now for a revitalised life and a thriving career.

During the process, you can safely open up. In this environment, there’s no room for judgement — only space for solutions and effective stress management strategies. Your wellness is our utmost priority, and we employ a comprehensive approach that also tackles substance abuse issues if applicable.
The goal of this immersion program is to bring you rapid transformation, enabling you to start living your life in a more fulfilling way. Here, we focus not only on physical wellness but also on emotional and psychological well-being.

Throughout the program, many participants experience a profound sense of relief, happiness, and peace. By embracing the proven strategies and practices we offer, you’ll find that stress management becomes second nature, allowing you to reclaim your sense of self and enthusiasm for life.

Thanks to our individualised approach, you will develop a solid source of personal energy. We work closely with you to identify and let go of old patterns of behaviour that don’t serve you anymore. You’ll find yourself equipped with the tools to remain steadfast in your commitment to succeed, both in the workplace and in your personal life.

Don’t let stress and burnout dictate the course of your life and career. Invest in your wellness today and experience the transformative power of our Executive Burnout Program.


in your health & wellbeing





Mindset Spa Day

How to prepare for the immersion program?

Be open and ready for a mindset transformation. All it takes is you DECISION followed by commitment to the process.

Be open to receive guidance, to explore new techniques, to introduce changes to your daily functioning that will completely transform the quality of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

The MINDSET SPA DAY  is the fastest way for you to achieve desired results.

You receive immediate healing of the most pressing issues that impact your daily life. You will realise the roots of your lack of energy and burnout and be presented with tools and wellbeing strategy of implementing them into your life, being held accountable by me.

You do need to have an open mind to question your current reality and be open to change it.



My clients results: 

Investment in your personal energy&health
starts from


equivalent of a dinner party at Core 🍷


The investment  is £1.8K for the online immersion and £2.6K for the SPA DAY IMMERSION.

I offer the expertise of a psychologist with solid experience working in a corporate environment in the leadership role, so I can relate to the experience of decision-makers and professionals.

The tools I  work with are highly effective that are focused on results achieved in the fastest and safest way. One day  can bring results achieved with months of classic therapy or counselling.

I use my best knowledge, the intention of the highest good and effective toolkit to support my clients. The results will depend on the individual situation of each person, their attitude and willingness to collaborate in order to achieve desired results. 

After the initial call to establish your situation and desired results I craft a custom-made program to suit you and bring best results.

The executive burnout program is delivered over 8 hours of individual sessions focused purely on you and your transition.

During the program various science-based modalities are being used such as positive psychology, mindfulness,  Sound Therapy, Theta Healing, yoga, meditation and mentoring.

You are the CEO of your life. Always. You don’t have to receive a title from an external environment to be the CEO. This immersion is for everyone who is ready to fully step into their personal power, develop mental resilience, better mindset and start living their life according to their own values and rules.

Use the opportunity of having a complimentary, no-obligation discovery call to find out if working with me is a great match to your needs. You will find a link on my website under : “Free Call”

Executive burnout is the state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that is commonly experienced by executives, people in leadership positions and high-level professionals. It is typically caused by chronic stress, long work hours, and intense pressure associated with their roles and responsibilities. Executive burnout can result in decreased productivity, decreased job satisfaction, and negatively impact overall well-being.

An executive burnout program, like the HAPPY CEO Immersion Program, offers a transformative approach for successful but internally struggling executives and business owners. It helps cultivate resilience, regain emotional control, and achieve a fulfilling life. Through a safe and confidential environment, participants experience rapid transformation, letting go of unhelpful patterns and embracing success. The program fosters clarity, strength, and adaptability, leading to business growth and personal satisfaction.

The HAPPY CEO executive burnout program is designed for executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and ambitious individuals who may be successful externally but often struggle internally. It is for open-minded individuals who are ready to take action and invest in their health and well-being. The program is specifically for those who want to experience a rapid mindset transformation, regain control over their emotions, and become confident, charismatic leaders.

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