Gong Bath

Sound Healing Ritual

60 min Individual SESSION


Sound Healing

is a tool to transform your field and resonate to higher frequency


  • Executives and business owners who are always on the go.
  • Entrepreneurs who would finally like to switch off.
  • Ambitious individuals who want to let go of constantly feeling they have to prove themselves.
  • Openminded individuals who are ready to take action and invest in their mental and emotional health



  1. Stress relief: Gong baths have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, which can be particularly beneficial for busy entrepreneurs who face high levels of pressure and demands on a daily basis.

  2. Improved focus and productivity: By reducing stress and promoting relaxation, gong baths can help improve focus, concentration, and productivity, which are essential for entrepreneurs who need to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities.

  3. Enhanced creativity: Some people find that the sound vibrations of gongs and other instruments can help stimulate their creative thinking, which can be valuable for entrepreneurs who need to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

  4. Better sleep: Gong baths have been shown to promote deeper, more restful sleep, which can help entrepreneurs feel more energized and productive during the day.

  5. Improved mood: The deep relaxation and meditative state induced by gong baths can help boost mood and promote feelings of well-being, which can be especially valuable for busy entrepreneurs who may be prone to stress and burnout.

What happens when you develop 

Inner peace

This is how your life can be if YOU choose to

Create better Quality Of Life starting today

What to expect?

The session is designed to offer you a safe space to relax your body and mind. The gong bath lasts 60 minutes.  You will will lie down in a comfortable position, while I  gently fill the room with the sounds of a gong. This sense of immersion is what gives the practice its name.

How to prepare for the session?

Make sure your body is hydrated, drink a glass of water and try to take a few, deep relaxing breaths. 


The individual session is my most intimate and personal  option of working with me and is ideal for those ready to fast-track their results and experience a breakthrough. 


The individual session is the fastest way for you to achieve desired results.


You do need to have an open mind to question your current reality and be open to change it.


Individual sessions are delivered in person or online, using ZOOM. After booking your session you will receive e‑mail with a confirmation and further information.


equivalent of half a bottle of Opus One from Napa Valley🍷

Create better life starting today


The session is £180

I offer the expertise of a psychologist with solid experience working in a corporate environment in the leadership role, so I can relate to the experience of decision-makers and professionals.

I work with highly effective tools that are focused on results achieved in the fastest and safest way. One session can bring results achieved with years or months of classic therapy. 

I use my best knowledge, the intention of the highest good and effective toolkit to support my clients. The results will depend on the individual situation of each person, their attitude and willingness to collaborate in order to achieve desired results. 

The first session usually takes up to 75 min, the following sessions usually take 60 min.

You receive the opportunity to diagnose the source of the problem, which by itself can bring you a lot of awareness and resolve the issues you are struggling with. Moreover, you receive a fresh perspective of your situation, which usually contributes to releasing anxiety, stress or frustration.

Each session is designed to address one, specific issue. The result depends on your situation as well as your openness and willingness to resolve the issues.

Use the opportunity of having a complimentary, no-obligation discovery call to find out if working with me is a great match to your needs. You will find a link on my website under : “Free Call”

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