7 places in Lviv that will inspire you for a better living.


1. Kopernik Street

The colorful umbrellas by entrance to Lviv Art Gallery will brighten up your day.

Walking along Kopernik Str. you will find few local boutiques, Kopernic Cinema and Lviv Art Gallery, located in historical Potocki Palace.

Good for your eyes and soul.


2. Under The Gold Star Café (Кондитерська Аптека Іонових “Під золотою зіркою” )

Address:  1, Kopernika street, Lviv.

Charming café inside 19th century drud-store with the authentic furnishing and equipment.  It is a very atmospheric place offering mind-blowing collection of desserts and pastry.

Good for feeding your senses.


3. Town Hall Tower

Address: Rynok Pl.1

Climb 306 steps to reach highest viewing platform in town ( 65 m) and enjoy panoramic views of entire city and surroundings.

Entrance fee: 30 UAH ($1)

Good for keeping your body in motion.



4. National Opera

Address: 28 Svobody Square

The Lviv Opera House  is an architectural gem of Lviv, built in the Neo-Renaissance style in 1901, being one of the most beautiful theatres in Europe.

Lviv Opera  is located  at the end of Freedom Avenue ‚the tree-lined centerpiece of Lviv’s historic Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the city’s Halych district

Check repertoire and book your ticket to Lviv Opera House.

Good for feeding you soul with art.


5. Dominicanes – Coffee, wine & eclairs.

Address: Museum Sq.1, Lviv

Charming café centrally located, yet tucked away from the crowded streets.

Perfect for an afternoon coffee with éclair or a glass of coffee flavored red wine. It is ideal to take a break, rest your feet and watch the world go by. The café has an indoor and outdoor sitting.

Good for: taking a break while exploring the center of the city, people watching, trying new flavors.




6. Tartak Resort

Address: , Vuletska Str.,Berezhany, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Once you are tired of the city and want to enjoy the nature this is a place for you.

Located around 10 km from the center of Lviv, Tartak Resort can tempt you with a private beach by a small lake. Surrounded by the greenery makes a perfect location for chilling, sunbathing or yoga practice.

The setup is basic so don’t expect any luxuries.

The entrance to the beach costs 150 UAH during weekdays and 200 UAH ( $7,5 ) during weekends.



7.Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport 

Location: 6 km away from center of Lviv.

The airport is named after King Daniel of Galicia, the historical founder of the city in 13th century. The new Terminal – A was opened in 2012. In 2007 the airport served 1 million passengers. One of the busiest routes are: Warsaw with LOT – 20 weekly departures, Kiev with Ukraine Int. Airlines- 18 departures weekly and Istanbul- 14 weekly departures. Facilities at the airport  include four cafés and two duty-free shops, as well as two airport lounges. Airport is spacious with relatively low traffic and duty free offers local premium vodka starting from 1 Euro per bottle.

Prices of the duty free goods are shown in Euro, however you can pay in a local currency– Ukrainian hryvnia.

Good for: duty free vodka and local liquor shopping.







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Make your life more positive and fulfilling by exploring handpicked science-based tools designed for your business and personal life to flourish.