Culture Competent

Whether you are managing international team and facing issues caused by differences in cultural norms, lack of understanding of mentality of people from other countries or an expatriate trying to adapt to a new cultural environment I can ease the stress caused by this situation. I can equip you with knowledge and help you understand the roots of different approach to work by representatives of different cultures.

Developing ability to work effectively in multicultural teams and business partners has become essential skill in today’s professional world.

During a 60 minutes individual session
(conducted face to face or over Zoom) I am able to answer such questions as:
  • How to handle culture shock after moving abroad?
  • How to negotiate or conduct business talks with partners from other cultures?
  • My partners approach to work is totally different, how do I ensure our coöperation is effective?
  • What is the best way to adapt to a life in GCC countries?
  • I want to prepare to enter GCC market with my products/ services. How do I prepare for the business talks to ensure I remain respectful towards culture of my partners and effective in achieving business goals?
You deserve to be competent at handling cultural influence on business. I can help.
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