How successful people manage stress?

How successful people manage stress?

5 takeaways form interview with Spanda Makt

Spand Makt- a spiritual name he gave himself few years ago. The word Spanda comes from Sanskrit and it means primordial vibration. Makt- Norwegian word for power. 

Spanda discovered his psychic abilities as a child; later on he healed his addiction and depression with meditation. Spanda is a motivational speaker and founder of Soul Based Living- international consultancy and meditation master community.

Spanda promotes teaching and development of love, wisdom, and unity.

1.Love and honesty

Love is the first element necessary for building resilience.

Honesty is part of love. When we want to develop resilience we need to be honest with ourselves and ask:

Are you really happy with how things are working for you in life? Are you able to handle stress? We need to remember that success comes to those who can manage a lot of stress.

2. Building resilience

Building resilience requires willpower, commitment, effort, and determination.

It is not something you order and get delivered by a courier. You are likely to encounter an appointment with disappointment.

You start meditation for an example and realize that it is harder than you thought it will be. Realize that building resilience is a process. Make a commitment: “ I am going through”, take ownership of your life. “ I am going to be the author of my life”. Maintain a vision of victorious results. Sometimes we need people to help us. We need to be open in order to receive help and realize that it will not be forever, just during a certain times when we go through learning and build our strength.

3. The tool for willpower development is meditation. 

We are able to find ourselves trough silence and stillness and consciously choose what thoughts we want to have. Spanda transcended his depression in his early adulthood using meditation.

“ It was completely transformative. I found myself thanks to meditation”

Meditation made me realise that there is a whole universe inside us, even bigger than the one outside.- says Spanda about his experience.

4. Meditation is being thought wrong.

People experience a lot of frustration and disappointment when they start this practice.

We are being told to do something that we do not have the equipment to do. We have to build up the muscles of the mind in order to quiet the mind and there are techniques for it.

The attitude of being a friend to ourselves is going to transform how we are dealing with meditation.

We need a discipline and being a good friend to our mind to eliminate anger, fear and limiting beliefs first. Start by facing yourself. The first part is not fun. You may discover your fears and self-limiting beliefs. You may discover you don’t even like yourself.

People need to learn how to fall in love with themselves to be kind to yourself.

Start from small steps. What can you do differently today to change your reality?

5. Seek strength in a divine source

In the moment of weakness, exhaustion or doubt ‑pray, connect with the divine source. For some people it may be connecting with nature, with God, with Universe, whatever we believe is it for us. Dancing can also be a miraculous healing solution, which can raise your vibration instantly.

 Watch entire interview with Spanda Makt.

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Make your life more positive and fulfilling by exploring handpicked science-based tools designed for your business and personal life to flourish.