How to make a successful career transition


How to make a successful career transition


Instead of listening to people who don’t get me, who don’t see the world the way I do, I followed my inner voice and people who were already living the life I was longing for – they were living proof that this IS indeed possible!
After several years of working for the biggest and most glamorous brands in the aviation world, I had enough. I was physically and mentally tired, even though I was still young. Fear management implemented by the companies I worked for made me feel outraged,

I refused to function in an environment where I was nothing more but a number and was forced to follow strict company rules where the company was always right.

At that time I wanted nothing but freedom and the ability to set my own rules. I wanted to be the captain of my own ship, not just a passenger.
I became obsessed with living on my own terms.
Thanks to deep work on self-analysis, persistence, and myself I created what I wanted. I’ve set up my own company, I use my skills, help others, I travel and most importantly I am living and working with joy and a purpose.
I described the lessons from that journey in my career guide: “ Life after flying”.


Today I am certain that thanks to using one’s skills and access to the Internet, you can live and work from anywhere on earth. Certainly, there are few guidelines to follow, which have worked for me; therefore I am sharing them with you.

1. Create the right environment for your career transition

Our habits, beliefs, and actions require the support of the right ecosystem. It will be very difficult for us to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, practice yoga in the morning, run daily and maintain a healthy diet when we share our home and living space with people who abuse alcohol, the only sport exposure they get is whatever they see on the TV screen and have no idea what kale is.
It will be much easier for us to change the environment where there are people sharing our values and those who have similar goals.
We always have control over our lives and what we feed our brains with.

Change what you listen to in your headphones, select the podcasts to listen to based on the topics that interest you in order to expand your knowledge.

Subscribe to social media groups that bring together people with similar interests. By posting certain posts on Facebook, you will receive more views on similar topics and content. You can join various online communities that give access to leaders in your industry.
Participate in industry events and conferences. You don’t have money for expensive conferences? You can engage your energy and resources in building relationships with the organizers of such events, offer help in a promotion or other scope and build your presence in circles with Thought Leaders and other people interested in the same topic.


IMG_38902. Invest in a skillset that you can monetize

Before you start the actual career transition,  assign a time for self-reflection. Surely there are already skills that you have and others may benefit from. When I was working as a cabin crew I developed advanced yoga practice as it helps me to cope with the job. I practiced it with passion and commitment until one day my teacher told me that I should start teaching. And I did. When I quit my job with aviation I became a full-time yoga teacher and it allowed me to create my own schedule and travel.
Maxim Kahlert, one of the speakers at the digital nomads’ conference, #TamGdzieChce organized by Tomasz Maciejewski, shared how he took his first steps by offering support to start-ups in London regarding advertising campaigns on Facebook. He invested time and energy in building contacts and portfolio. – Always be open-minded and look for opportunities because you really don’t know what is going to happen.
A lot of digital nomads, who work location independently have very good self-knowledge, a strong awareness of their strengths and do a market research to know

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3.Invest and earn remotely

“I became interested in financial freedom in high school and real estate is a great way to achieve that, “ says Weronika Urbańska, who after 2 years living in Great Britain became an investor in the real estate market.
What enabled her to achieve that? The right approach. Weronika did not work for money, but for skills. When going to work, she told herself that she was going to an English language course, for which she additionally receives money. When choosing a job, you need to ask yourself: what will this job teach you?
Poles who invest abroad are able to perfectly adapt to living conditions and consciously use the available banking products, which they use as the leverage needed to implement their investments.

4. Believe in yourself and patiently pursue your career goals

Patience is a hallmark of nomads, many of whom are visionaries, creators, and pioneers. They set up start-ups, take risks, stubbornly following the vision that guides them.
Be aware that everything takes time. Give your activities a time frame, e.g. one year, and work on them consistently and you will see how far you can go. Patience pays off. Alan Ciechalski during his keynote “What if it goes wrong?” during the digital nomads’ conference cited the example of the attitude of Johannes Voelker, the founder of one of the largest groups of digital nomads in the world, who acted despite fear and despite lack of savings. After 2 years, his 1 thousand-member community has grown by 25 times, and today he runs The Nomad Cruise, organizing international cruises dedicated to digital nomads.


5. You can be wherever you want with your career

Barriers and borders are only in our heads. Beliefs that condition our actions can be completely wrong, and inside our head, there is an internal critic who pulls us away from moving toward the realization of our dreams and goals. How to eliminate a critic? Introduce yourself into the state of flow.

“The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times… The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.”
– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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