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Individual Wellbeing Mentoring 

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Positive emotional energy is the key to health, happiness and wellbeing. The more positive you are, the better your life will be in every area. Brian Tracy

Balance Your Wellbeing & Transform Your Happiness

Yes, it is possible to have a balanced and happy life, to maintain positive mindset, even in the most challenging circumstances.
Let me show you how…

Imagine being guided by me, a person who  has experience in creating a perfectly functional wellbeing lifestyle, despite health challenges and busy work schedule, who is a psychologist and certified yoga teacher, who  gained the experience, and is willing to share it and support your health and lifestyle makeover. It will save you time by equipping you with evidence based tools and solutions, tailored to your lifestyle and needs, in order to enable you to enjoy life without unnecessary stress. 

Experience more joy and balance to do more of what you enjoy!

  • Receive individual wellbeing assessment and 19-page raport
  • Discover aspects of wellbeing impacting your professional and personal life
  • Learn how to maintain positive thinking and manage stress
  • Discover a path to inner peace and radiant mood
  • Explore and mitigate the risks of burnout

What Individual Wellbeing Mentoring Program can do for YOU?

During this time you will:

  • Build a realistic and long-lasting practice of achieving your functional work-life balance
  • Experience the transformation thanks to my original RESET METHOD, which offers a good understanding of your behaviour and practical tools & actionable steps necessary to create the lifestyle you truly want.
  • Gain the clarity regarding your boundaries, vitality, flow and resilience.
  • Discover what is stopping you from going forward, what is sapping your energy and how to solve it and invite more radiance and vitality to your life.

What will you get?

Individual Sessions
  • each session is 90 min
  • focused just on You
  • full confidentiality
  • non-judgemental and safe space

Personalised tools 

To develop mental wellbeing and healthy habits featuring meditations, lofty questions, and spirit-lifting hacks. 

Relief from overwhelm & pressure 

The RESET Method sets you on a straightforward wellbeing journey following 5 steps.

Report on your personal wellbeing
Essential needs
Strategy for your desired wellbeing
Turning Point

The individual Mentoring Program with me will help you make the transition from stressed to radiant and ultimately to the  healthier, happier and more successful lifestyle that you truly want.

Exclusive bonuses designed specifically for busy decision-makers

Tools for Success-Oriented Individual 

A personal innovation ebook 

Radiant Mood & Relaxed Body 

Online Wellbeing Program 

Individual support of wellbeing strategist 

What clients are saying
About the mentor


Cross-cultural psychologist, well-being consultant and founder & CEO of wellbeingstrategist.com

I am an experienced  Wellbeing Strategist for decision-makers and action-takers.

I lived the ‘corpo life’ and transitioned successfully to an independent entrepreneur fully in charge of my own schedule with full flexibility to create a healthy work-life balance.

As a yoga practitioner and psychologist, I am using science and holistic practice to increase the quality of life of my clients, bringing a radiant mood and relaxed body together.

 Kasia Richter



Wellbeing Expert_Kasia_Richter

Former clients of Kasia Richter

Do you want to live well and work well?


Once you reserve your spot, you will receive a free discovery call from Katarzyna Richter within 3 working days, which will determine the areas you want to work on and ensure if Individual Wellbeing Mentoring Program is suitable for you.

All information you share with me, from the very first enquiry to your post-mentoring feedback is treated as private and confidential. I value your privacy above all and ensure clients privacy is consistently protected.

You can reach me on my e‑mail: kr@dealwithculture.com or visit my website: www.dealwithculture.com

The Individual Wellbeing Mentoring Program is dedicated to busy entrepreneurs and decision ‑makers who are serious about making important changes in their health and lifestyle.

Sure, I am working with many clients and not all of them business owners but all of them benefit from strategies and ideas, which I am sharing in my program. I am supporting a wellbeing lifestyle and answer the needs of people who cherish comfort as well as those who care for professional success and  healthy lifestyle.

Ready to elevate your energy and start living and working well?

Drop me a line and let’s discuss your wellbeing.

© 2020 Katarzyna Richter. 

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