Create the year you want in 2022. Be successful and happy. Here is how.

How you can create the life you want in 2022


From this article you will learn:

  • How to set yourself for a personal and a wellbeing success in 2022
  • How to replace New Years Resolutions
  • 3 questions that will help you create the year of joy and fulfillment

The beginning of the New Year is a time for reflection, for thinking about the time that has passed, about what you have done and what you haven’t done. It’s a time for making resolutions and following through on them. It’s an opportunity to evaluate your life and change it for the better. As part of this process, you need to decide what exactly do you want in 2022 to say about yourself: am I happy? Am I accomplished? Do I have everything I need? Am I proud of how my life has turned out so far? The answers will reveal the direction my efforts should be directed at to avoid possible regrets later and achieve my goals in a quick and effective way.

New Year, New month, a blank sheet, new opportunities etc. and you have no idea where to start. Stay calm, take a deep breath, make a cup of tea, put your favourite music and check out the following steps.

Reflect on the year that passed

Trying to summarize the entire year can be overwhelming. That’s why you need a framework.

Method nr 1: THE TIMELINE

Simply write it down on a sheet of paper and mark any memorable and important events that occurred in the past 12 months.

It could be obtaining a certification, travelling with your family for a holiday, starting a collaboration, anything that is meaningful to YOU.

Notice, if there is a pattern forming up. Was it a good time for studying and developing yourself, maybe starting a new job or a project, or maybe for cherishing your health and close relationships? Notice what came easy, what was challenging etc. If you have achievements that you are proud of, think about what made them happen? Perhaps it was your focus and daily routine. Consider what patterns of behavior and habits would you like to stick to, and which ones would you like to replace. This is your opportunity for reflection.



You might have seen the wheel template before. It is a widely used tool in coaching. The wheel is divided into several sections, each of them represents an area of your life such as Physical Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing, Sense of Purpose, Relationships, Growth &Development etc. You can use the version below, which is a wellbeing wheel that I use in my individual work with clients.

How you can work with a wellbeing wheel? Use it as a template and rate each section on a scale of 1 to 10. Be honest with yourself.

How satisfied are you with each area of your life? That will give a perspective and help you realize your situation.

Method nr 3: PHOTO COLLAGE

Select a picture that will represent a month and put it in a collage. You can find a template in Canva. It is a fun and reflective exercise to help you review the past 12 months, give you a fresh perspective, and help you determine what your focus will be during the next year. And, you can share it as a post on social media.

Creating the year of personal and wellbeing success

Think about what you want in life and where you’re headed this year

Now it’s time to think about your direction. Where are you heading, what would you like to achieve? How would you like to feel? What kind of person would you like to become?

Answering these questions will bring you closer to setting a goal or an intention for this year.

My intention for this year is to publish a wellbeing book and get at least 100 reviews on Amazon by the end of the year.

What is yours? Don’t forget to publicly share it, as it makes you more motivated and accountable. Also, making other people aware of where you are heading increases your chances of being supported by them.

I would like to feel joyful and energized. In order to achieve that I will continue with my morning routine, continue practicing yoga and pilates, and go back to running as soon as it gets warmer and sunnier in London.

Have a contingency plan.

What will you do when you lose motivation or run into an obstacle?

Do you have a support network, do you have tools to help you out?

For me, I have a wonderful circle of trusted friends that I can call, a great suite of theta healers whom I tested, tried, and highly recommend. Dagmara Pluta was one of them and a person who introduced me to Theta Healing.

Anna Iwanicka is a truly knowledgeable Naturopath and I can always count not only on her support when it comes to my health but also on expanding my knowledge. Ania, thank you for all the wonderful book recommendations, including “Reinvent the Wheel”, How leaders leverage wellbeing for success.

Apart from that, I have a bunch of books that will help me get back on track. Recently I read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and I highly recommend it.

Afraid of making a change? Stagnation can lead to depression. Choose creation over stagnation. Read more…


3 questions that will help you create the year of joy and fulfilment


Question No 1

What are three things you enjoy doing that you want to do more of?

Set aside time for the things you enjoy doing. This will help improve your wellbeing and motivate you.

This is a ridiculously simple yet purposefully powerful question to answer. When you answer this out loud or better yet write your answers down, you acknowledge the things you enjoy whilst committing to doing more of them. If you want to take it a step further, you can even schedule some of them into your calendar already.

Question No 2

What are three things you want to evolve in?

Life is good when it’s evolving. If you’re looking to live an extraordinary life, then it’s time for you to try something different or get better at the things you love. For me, it is theta healing, Portuguese language, and self-publishing.

Question No 3

What are three things you want to do less of?

Rushing? Stressing? Being self-critical? Smoking? Emotional eating? Being pessimistic?

Whatever it is that you want to do less of, believe that you can do less of it. Anything is possible. You could even stop doing it altogether if you so wish. This could be a habit you want to get rid of, a thought pattern that doesn’t serve you, an activity you used to enjoy but no longer do, or a chore you’d rather delegate to someone else. Life is too short to waste time doing things that weigh you down so be bold enough to admit when this is the case and eliminate that weight from your life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it or look for different, more exciting ways to get it done if it’s something you really cannot delegate. I am wishing you a truly magical and transformational 2022.


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