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  • focused on your career and fulfilling ambitious goals while neglecting your health
  • finding it hard to make decisions
  • experiencing low mood and self-critical thoughts
  • feeling overwhelmed by things you used to manage easily
  • self-doubting and feeling that ” I am not good enough”
  • frustrated with the generic advice from self-help books
  • struggling  to meet your goals due to low confidence

All of the above are signs of poor wellbeing. Deteriorating wellbeing leads to poor quality of life, burnout, depression, anxiety, and deterioration of physical health.

The time to improve your wellbeing is NOW! I can support and guide you so that you create a healthy mindset & achieve your business and personal goals.

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  • Fully focused attention and confidential space to share your thoughts
  • A chance to be heard in a non-judgemental way
  • An opinion of an accredited psychologist  on what is standing in a way to your optimal functioning and achieving your goals
  •  Recommendation of tools that will help you achieve personal growth and reach your full potential

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About me

I help ambitious professionals recover from burnout and low mood, regain their confidence, motivation and joy for life 

My name is Kasia Richter. I am a cross-cultural psychologist, well-being consultant, and founder & CEO of Wellbeing Strategist.

I show decision-makers, ambitious professionals, and busy entrepreneurs how to implement innovative wellbeing solutions for managing balanced life in today’s world to release stress, anxiety, chaos, find peace, and clarity of mind, and achieve personal and business goals with ease.

My clients can benefit from my international, corporate experience in aviation, where I held managerial roles responsible for recruitment and people development.

I worked with world’s top airlines: Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, Gulf Air, and LOT.  I use the science-based methods and tools from psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics, and yoga to help my clients achieve the best results. 

Areas of expertise: 

  • Restoring motivation and confidence 
  • Stress reduction & burnout recovery and prevention 
  • Removing negative beliefs 
  • Digital Detox Workshops and Retreats 
  • Yoga for busy professionals 

I am happy to work collaboratively with Decision Makers and Action Takers who are committed to increasing their quality of life, achieving balance, and expanding their opportunities.

If you have a project in mind you’d like to tap my  experience and the ability for, get in touch via email kr@wellbeingstrategist.com 

Find balance between work and your mental health. 

How can we work together…

Stop thinking about work when not working

Reset your motivation & confidence 

Let go of insecurity, guilt & frustration

What are my clients saying…

This online wellbeing program is simply awesome! All the tips are so relevant. Kasia’s approach towards the topic of wellbeing is gripping. The decluttering exercises were a great reminder for me how important this aspect is for my healthy functioning. It is a time investment and it is totally worth it!
Dagmara Pluta
I had not heard of Theta Healing before but was very intrigued. One of my main issues is that I never think I’m good enough, that others are better than me, regardless of the situation, but in particular with starting my own reiki practice. I have not experienced anything like the session with Kasia. I went deeper at the beginning than I have ever done before, in such a short space of time, yet was completely aware of what was happening. The session brought to my memory an incident was a was a young girl, something that triggered this feeling of self doubt and lack of worth. Kasia helped me learn and understand what these events meant and changed my perception. I can honestly say that I feel completely different now when I think about starting my practice. I have a fire in my belly, I feel more positive. I still feel that way several days later. I can highly recommend Kasia and Theta Healing. 
Fiona Mackie
Business owner
It was wonderful to be able to take time out from a busy day to get centred, stretch and reflect. I think giving focus to aspects of your life that really matter is a huge benefit of the program. Kasia shares lots of different time saving activities and information that really helped me to focus on what area of my life I needed to look at and tweak. This program is really for anyone who lives a busy life, is feeling stressed but not really sure how or what to do to tackle it. With the easy to watch content and useful tips and exercises it doesn’t take long before you start to notice the positive impact in your life and with how you feel. The main reason I’d recommend this program is having the opportunity to be supported by Kasia, her skills and expertise are extensive and she really knows what to offer to help improve your mindset and overall wellbeing. Thank You Kasia I really enjoyed this program.
Marina Beech
Soul Alchemist
“After the session, I felt a huge sense of relief. I could actually feel my fear leaving me. Now I know that it’s time for me to pursue my goals and desires”
Sylwia Borsewicz
Business owner
I’ve been planning to make some changes to my business and move it to a new level. With changes often doubts and limiting thoughts show up and they can easily sabotage your vision and business. I started to question my future decisions. Instead of taking actions, I felt frustrated with myself. I reach out to Katarzyna and took part in her Theta Healing Session to have further clarity and deal with my insecure thinking. Katarzyna is highly professional and I strongly value her international coaching experience. During the session, she expertly guided me to uncover my limiting beliefs and showed me that I can achieve a new step in my business without overworking myself and being constantly visible online. After the session, I felt that my mind was clearer and I finally felt energized and excited about the future of my business. An idea about a new programme started to take form and I decided to let go of the old marketing techniques that were not serving me anymore. I recommend Katarzyna to everyone who is feeling trapped in their limiting thinking and want to make positive changes in life, career or business. 
Dominika MIernik
DM Coaching

Discover what’s holding you back from living and working well

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