My yoga journey to a happier life

Yoga- the gateway to more balanced lifestyle 

My Yoga Journey To A Happier Me

I never wanted to learn yoga. I had this preconceived idea that yoga is slow, boring, and will never keep me in shape. I couldn’t be more wrong. I was 23, living in Dubai, working as a cabin crew when one day, my friend Gosia took me for a yoga class to a studio located in a tall tower on Sheikh Zayed Road. That day wasn’t a breakthrough, but it was a beginning. I attended the class, it wasn’t love at first sight, but I got hooked. I started with hatha yoga, had a patient teacher called Vishnu, and very soon I switched to power yoga. These classes were way more challenging, I never thought yoga can require so much physical strength and stamina, I thought it’s all about stretching and breathing.

Very soon after I started my regular practice, I completely ditched gym and cardio classes as I realized yoga can keep my body in shape and it was good for my mind too. After the classes, I felt simply blissful and alive. My body was stretched, just like after a good massage and my mind was clear. All frustrations, anger, were gone and I had a different perspective on my life. Suddenly I wasn’t stressed with upcoming license recurrent and all exams, or a demanding passenger from the last flight.


Yoga became my best teacher and companion. When I was relocating to a new city or country, finding a local yoga studio was a priority in the adaptation process.

A few years into my yoga journey I realized that yoga is the best medicine. Having been faced with personal problems, depression, and low motivation, yoga practice was my savior. I kept on practicing, and the more I did it, the more I learned about myself, my own limitations, humility, patience, and lots of other things. One day after finishing early morning class, my teacher asked me: “Why don’t you become a yoga teacher?” I was surprised, somehow I thought that you have to be Indian, or a monk or both to be a good yoga teacher, and I was a polish girl, working as a cabin crew in the Middle East. I gave it a thought and decided to try.

I started teaching at “Fit to Fly”, which was a wellness club dedicated to the Etihad cabin crew. I received amazing feedback. People loved it, some managed to get rid of backpain upon finishing one class, some were asking me for personal assistance, it was amazing.

That gave me an idea of developing a new career. I completed yoga certification training, which again was a playground for revelations and confronting my own limiting beliefs.

I had thought that you can only be a good teacher if you are certified. During the yoga teacher training, I realized, that this is just the beginning, that yoga is a way of life and the game is in implementing this way and sharing it with others.

I loved the yoga community because people were sharing values that were lacking in a corporate world, or amongst my friends or colleagues. No judgment, for example. Just this one thing makes such a big difference. You get no judgment if you are lucky enough to find a friend or a partner in your life, which is extremely rare, or when you go to a trained professional, such as a psychotherapist to talk about your problems. Finding yourself in a non-judgemental space makes you feel safe to express your ideas, share them with others, and that itself so already so much.



Yoga has been by gateway to a better life, balance and wellbeing,

Yoga has been a great teacher, guide, and connector.

It gave me skills that I can use to help others release pain, manage stress, and simply feel better. Today, I  implement yoga as part of my wellbeing retreats and use it daily for my own self-care. Starting yoga practice was the best investment I’ve ever made and I would highly recommend it to everyone.


Yoga is a tool for developing a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

No matter what your fitness level is, there is always a good time to try and benefit from this wonderful, life-changing practice.

Learn Yoga even for your personal benefit. You will learn patience, perseverance, kindness, and much more.

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