Why you should start packing for your digital detox retreat now

5 Reasons Why You Can Restore Your Wellbeing And Long-Term Health Only At A Digital Detox Retreat

Research shows that most people spend more than 5 hours a day on their devices, and almost half feel as though this has a negative impact on their lives.

According to a study recently published by Comparitech people spend on average 50% of their waking hours looking at a screen. 

As we struggle to disconnect from our work and family commitments, we have begun to read or respond to emails before going to bed, browse social media while eating breakfast, and even check the news during dinner with our family. All of this is contributing to stress that we can’t seem to walk away from.

The more we try to run away from stress and the feeling of overwhelm, the more it backfires. We are resolving to alcohol consumption, food, and psychoactive substances to manage stress and the emotions we want to run away from.

According to the research by John Elflein in 2019, some of the leading activities to relieve stress include watching TV, listening to or making music, relaxing or lazing, and reading. Exercise is also a common way to relieve stress and is one of the main motivations for adults in the U.S. to continue to run. 

Interestingly, although the use of technology can be a source of stress it can also be utilized to relieve stress, with 11 percent of those aged 18 to 29 years stating they already regularly use an app for stress relief.

Leisure-enhancing technologies, such as video games and social media platforms are taking up more and more of people’s time and attention, which may explain a significant part of the slowdown in productivity growth observed in advanced economies in recent decades – says Łukasz Rachel, an economist at the LSE and Princeton University.

It looks like a vicious circle, that we turn to Internet devices to relieve stress and we get addicted to them, which leads to lower productivity. Since our performance and productivity are not as expected, we get stressed and turn to Internet devices even more in hope of reducing the negative emotions, stress, and anxiety.

The key to improving the way we feel, interact with the world, and perform is turning towards what we typically run away from. It is embracing the negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings, shedding light on them, giving them care and attention.

It requires not only willingness and courage to face once fears and negative voices in one head but also proper environment and support.

It is possible to work on yourself in the midst of your daily life, yet because of constant distractions, obligations, routines, habits, and our own mindset, the success rate of such an operation is extremely low.

For that reason attending a retreat, even a short one, is the answer to reducing stress and improving your wellbeing.

1. Retreat offers you right environment to heal and transform

The fastest and easiest way of developing new habits is changing the environment.

Forget about habits, let’s say you want to reduce stress and improve your self-esteem. The first thing you need to do is to remove yourself from the stressor, that’s why we take holidays, mini-breaks, weekends, to get away from work and to gain a fresh perspective.

Imagine being in a place where no one is glued to their screens, even if you have developed a little internet addiction, you would simply feel odd.

Imagine being in a space where you don’t have to think about what will you cook for lunch and if you will have enough time to eat a healthy breakfast.

At my digital detox retreats, breakfast is like a celebration of a new day, an opportunity to enjoy nutritious meals, various flavors, and face-to-face conversations.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla


2. Retreat offers high quality foods that elevate your energy

If you want to be glowing and full of energy, one of the things you can do is elevate your personal vibrational frequency. And there are many ways to do that, but one of the best ones is by consuming the right food.

It is the quality of the energy that you feed to your body, mind and soul that determines your overall experience of life. Even the most nutrient dense food would fail to nourish your body if you are having it stale and processed. The closer to nature something is, the more vibrant with energy it is.

Food items that are sourced directly from nature and not altered or processed in any form have the highest frequency


3.Retreat offers you supportive environment and tools required for personal transformation

The Digital Detox Retreat helps you to create a change in your life through a unique combination of interactive workshops, mindful practices, and 24-hour immersion, featuring yoga and meditation practice, relaxation with sound healing, skills-development workshops and individual consultations with health experts.

These workshops combine to provide you with an intensive toolkit to support you on your journey towards a more fulfilling life. You will get the space and time to reflect, rest, be creative, re-balance and reconnect with yourself. As part of this transformation process, an ongoing reflective practice will be shared with you, which encourages you to look at your life from a fresh perspective.

4. Boosting your leadership skills

The world of business is typically seen as the world of action.

CEOs live on a nonstop treadmill. They are under constant pressure to perform, live in a 24 – 7 spotlight of social-media attention, and swim in a deep pool of information. This busyness has a cognitive cost. The human brain has natural limits in its ability to pay attention, remember, and process information. 

One of the large challenges for CEOs is breaking away from busyness.

CEOs who do make time to reflect, say that is it time well spent, and this view is validated by a research.

Reflection leads to better insights into innovation, strategy, and execution.

By reviving the art of reflection, leaders can reclaim their time, deploy their fully cognitive powers to the increasingly complex challenges they face and, by inspiring the same behavior in others.

Self-reflection can take several forms, from reading books like Warren Buffet, practicing guided meditation like Jeff Weiner, the CEO of Linked in, to spending time in nature or working with a coach.

Here are seven questions you can use as a jumping off point to start your self-reflection practice.

What am I feeling?

How do I want to feel?

What do I need to do, think, feel, or hear to achieve this feeling?

What is my intention today?

What am I avoiding? Why?

Is my calendar reflecting my values?

During a digital detox retreat you embrace the self-reflection practice. The environment is created to support your self-reflection. You detach from daily busyness by logging off, detaching from your emails and social media, focusing on yourself. During daily mind-centering practices you start to practice self-reflection, having support of teachers.

digital detox retreat

5. Long-lasting benefits

Holidays are great, they reduce our fatigue levels and provide relaxation, they have only one downside. They come to an end, and their positive effects diminish usually 10 days after returning back home.

Having said that, there is a way to maintain their effect for longer.

According to research of Stefan Hoefer from Medical University Innsbruck, Austria wellness holidays that include meditation practice and physical movement, have a more lasting effect on our wellbeing than regular holidays.

The higher level of mindfulness, emotional wellbeing, and lower levels of fatigue were maintained even after 10 weeks after returning from the retreat, while in the case of regular holidays such effect was not observed.

Bring attention to YOU

The retreat offers you an immersive experience allowing you to give attention to what’s the most important: YOU

My digital detox retreat in Cascais is a place to get clarity on your life and profession. We’ll discuss challenging emotions, practical tools, and the skills required for creating a healing and renewal-focused life. Digital Detox Retreat is about liberating yourself from negative self-talk and emotional distress. It’s about facing your fears, embracing life’s little surprises and exercising your creativity in an innovative group setting. Detox is an opportunity to reinvent yourself through returning to nature, working with purpose again, loving who you are today rather than what others want from you, and celebrating the small moments that make life worth living.

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